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HubSpot publishes guide on AI features - Behind HubSpot AI

Updated: Jul 5

HubSpot has launched of a wide array of cutting-edge AI features. These new AI tools promise to revolutionise how marketing create content within Content Hub and customer services engage with customers with via the relaunch of Service Hub.

However, it's no surprise that organisations are approaching these advancements with a mix of excitement and caution. As companies become increasingly interested in AI to help power their processes and decision-making, concerns about data privacy, potential breaches, and the overall integrity of their systems are top of mind.

AI has the potential to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation, but it also brings forth challenges that need to be carefully addressed. Ensuring the security and privacy of data used by AI systems is crucial to maintaining trust and complying with regulations.

HubSpot understands the importance of addressing these concerns and has taken proactive steps by developing a guide called ‘Behind HubSpot AI’.

In the guide, the each HubSpot AI feature has a Card with information such as:

  • How the data moves through the system

  • Inputs / outputs

  • Third party providers

  • Feature details

  • Who has access to the features (which HubSpot Tier & Hub)

HubSpot AI features - Beyond AI

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