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HubSpot Consultancy

HubSpot Consultancy and Services designed to release the power of HubSpot for Marketing, Sales and Customer Support via HubSpot Best Practice Healthchecks, Troubleshooting and Onboarding.

HubSpot Health Check


Having issues with HubSpot or wondering if you're fully leveraging its features?


 The HubSpot Health Check is designed for all Hubs and Tiers, offering valuable insights and benefits to companies that are:

  • Looking to scale or have recently scaled

  • Concerned that HubSpot no longer aligns with business objectives and processes

  • Experiencing changes in team structure or personnel

  • Using HubSpot for 12-18 months and questioning if you’re maximising its potential

  • Encountering reporting issues

  • Struggling to access, view, or utilise data

  • Facing data quality concerns

Maximise your HubSpot investment with our expert Health Check service and drive your business forward with confidence. For further information, please see HubSpot Health Check

HubSpot Onboarding & Implementation 

HubSpot's CRM provides a centralised platform for storing customer data, tracking interactions, managing deals, and analysing sales performance. 


Setting up, configuring and managing HubSpot's CRM is a critical step in ensuring your success. Indigo Iris can help set-up and optimise your account to get your teams up and running in no time. 


Onboarding and Implementation can include:

Customising your Properties, Creating Lists & Segments, Building workflows and Providing recommendations for processes and data quality. Existing CRM data can also be imported if required.

Indigo Iris can also help users connect inboxes, calendars, notifications, adding branding to the account and user permissions.

Other areas of support can include building Forms, CTAs, Deal & Pipelines, Surveys, Email etc.. and Training if needed

HubSpot Troubleshooting


Advice and support for HubSpot users who may need help troubleshooting issues or seeking expert help.

If you don't have in-house Admin or expert, having access to support like this can be incredibly helpful to get the most from HubSpot's CRM, Sales, Marketing, Operations or Service Hub.

HubSpot troubleshooting can include Reports, Emails, Data Quality, Account set-up, Form building, 1-1 Emails, Automation and much more.

If you need help with troubleshooting, please get in touch for an initial chat.

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot's Smart CRM and Sales Hub help your sales teams to streamline processes, track and close Deals, and capture, manage and track activities such as 1-1 emails, tasks, calls and meetings.

HubSpot also provides Dashboards & Reports to analyse Deals, Pipelines, team and individual performance.

Support with HubSpot Sales hub can include: 

  • Deals & Pipelines

  • Automation

  • Lead and Contact Management

  • Lifecycles

  • Lead Scores

  • Buyer's Journeys 

  • Reports and Dashboard

  • Sales enablement tools such as email templates, documents, snippets and playbooks

  • LinkedIn integrations

  • Using features such 1-2-1 emails, Calls, Notes, Meetings, Prospect tool and Integrations 

HubSpot Marketing Hub


With Indigo Iris' support, your marketing team can leverage the full potential of HubSpot Marketing Hub to capture and nurture leads, run events, manage campaigns, and provide reporting and insights to inform future decision-making.


HubSpot support often includes:  

  • Email marketing including smart content

  • Email health

  • CTAs

  • A/B testing

  • Inbound Marketing and Methodology

  • Campaigns and Campaign ROI

  • Landing Pages

  • Automating strategy, planning and building

  • Building static and active lists

  • Form creation

  • Importing data

  • Managing marketing contacts

  • Integrating apps such as social media channels and event 

  • Lead Scoring

  • Utilising AI

  • Reporting

HubSpot Service Hub


Service Hub is a powerful toolset to streamline customer experience including the omni channel helpdesk, 

a Knowledge Base and Portal for customers to self-serve and Surveys to capture Customer Effort Scores, NPS, Customer Satisfaction and Custom Surveys.


The Automation and Ticket Management help streamline your processes, resolve issues and onboard new customers. The in-depth reporting gives you insight into SLAs, performance and customer feedback to identify areas for improvement.

Indigo Iris can support you with setting up and making the most of: 

  • Ticket and Ticket management

  • Knowledge base creation

  • Automation

  • Live chat

  • Conversation Inbox

  • Form creation

  • Asset creation such as templates, documents and snippets

  • Reporting and Insight

HubSpot Consultancy
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