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HubSpot Consultancy

Consultancy designed to release the power of HubSpot for Marketing, Sales and Customer Support
through strategic development,  implementation and optimising your investments in HubSpot

HubSpot Marketing Hub


Marketing hub is designed to give your marketing team everything they need to capture and nurture leads, run events, manage campaigns and provide reporting and insight to inform future decision-making in one place.


With Indigo Iris' support, your marketing team can leverage the full potential of HubSpot Marketing Hub to capture and nurture leads, run events, manage campaigns, and provide reporting and insights to inform future decision-making. Consultancy include:  

  • Email marketing including smart content, email health, A/B testing and reporting

  • Inbound marketing

  • Campaigns and campaign ROI

  • Lists

  • Automating strategy, planning and building

  • Building static and active lists

  • Using list to identify data gaps

  • Forms

  • Importing data

  • Managing marketing contacts

  • Integrating apps such as social media channels and event 

  • Lifecycle management and hand-off to sales

  • HubSpot Scores

  • Managing Events

  • Reporting

HubSpot Service Hub


Service Hub can provide your business with a powerful toolset to streamline customer experience and create seamless handovers between departments.

Setting up a knowledge base where customers can find information for themselves can be incredibly useful for reducing support requests and improving the customer experience.


Additionally, having support for ticket management, workflows, live chat,  conversations inbox, onboarding and reporting can help your business optimise your customer experience processes and identify areas for improvement.

Indigo Iris can support your customer experience strategy and processes with: 

  • Ticket and Ticket management

  • Knowledge base creation, where customers and find information for themselves

  • Workflows and automation

  • Live chat

  • Conversation Inbox

  • Form creation

  • Asset creation such as templates, documents and snippets

  • Reporting and Insight

 HubSpot CRM & Admin

Setting up, configuring and managing HubSpot's CRM is a critical step in ensuring your success. HubSpot's CRM provides a centralised platform for storing customer data, tracking interactions, managing deals, and analysing sales performance.


Setting up and managing HubSpot's CRM requires a strategic approach and attention to detail to ensure accurate data.


Indigo Iris consultancy and support with setting up and optimising your CRM can help you improve your sales efficiency, better understand your customers, and make informed business decisions.


Setting up your CRM requires an initial assessment to review your current situation, objectives, plans and team structure and experience. Followed by setting-up and configuring your CRM, notifications, segments, workflows, settings, deals, pipelines and recommendations for processes and data quality. Data from an existing CRM can also be imported if required.

HubSpot Sales

HubSpot's CRM and Sales Hub can help you streamline your sales processes, close more deals, and grow your business. 

HubSpot enables you to create deals, track their progress through different stages, assign them to sales reps, and set deal amounts and probabilities. You can also customize deal stages and pipelines to match your sales process.

You can also monitor sales activities via HubSpot's CRM providing a timeline view of all sales activities such as emails, calls, meetings, and notes, allowing you to track interactions with prospects and customers. You can also set up tasks and reminders to follow up with leads and deals.

HubSpot also provides detailed reports and dashboards to analyse sales performance metrics such as deals closed, deal amounts, win rates, and pipeline velocity. You can also track team and individual performance using custom reports.

Indigo Iris provides consultancy and technical support with: 

  • Deals, Deal properties,  Pipeline stages and automation

  • Lead and Contact Management including Lifecycles and Lead Scores

  • Buyer's Journeys

  • Automation planning and building (sequences)

  • Reports and Dashboard creation

  • Asset creation such as email templates, documents, snippets and playbooks

  • Using features such 1-2-1 emails, Calls, Notes, Meetings, Prospect tool and Integrations 

HubSpot Support


Advice and support for HubSpot users who may need help troubleshooting issues or seeking expert help.

Having access to support like this can be incredibly helpful if you're looking to maximise your use of HubSpot's CRM, Sales, Marketing, Operations or Service hub, especially if you don't have dedicated in-house resources to manage the platform.

If you have any specific questions about HubSpot or need help with troubleshooting, feel free get in touch for an initial chat.

HubSpot Discovery Call & Review


The Discovery Call Review helps your business to assess your current use of HubSpot and identify opportunities for improvement. 


They can also be used troubleshoot and resolve any issues you may be experiencing. Whether it's data inconsistencies, workflow errors, or CRM problems, Indigo Iris can help you identify and resolve the root cause of the issue.


The Discovery Call & Review consists of four key steps:

  1. Call to discuss your objectives, plans and any current issues

  2. Review and recommendations write-up:  Indigo Iris conducts a thorough review of your HubSpot account and provides a write-up of recommendations for optimising your usage of HubSpot

  3. Feedback and recommendations: Indigo Iris will schedule a feedback call to discuss the recommendations and how they can help improve your business operations, boost ROI, and align with your overall objectives

  4. Agree priorities and next steps to  implementing recommendations 


The HubSpot Discovery Call & Review is a valuable service for businesses looking to assess their HubSpot usage and identify opportunities for improvement.


By working with Indigo Iris, businesses can get expert insights and guidance on how to optimise their HubSpot account to drive growth, improve efficiency.

HubSpot Consultancy
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