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HubSpot 1-1 Training and Troubleshooting by the hour 


Indigo Iris' HubSpot Training & Troubleshooting by the hour is designed to work with 1 or 2 people to take a deep dive and focus on a specific area of HubSpot's  functionality to help the team get the most from the functionality or troubleshoot issuesSupport often includes: 

  • Troubleshooting with new HubSpot Accounts (setting up the account, connecting inboxes etc)

  • Training new team members

  • Building and sending Marketing Emails, A/B testing and Smart Content

  • Automation (Workflows and Sequences)

  • Event Management and integrating event Apps

  • Importing data

  • Form creation

  • Deals and Pipelines 

  • CRM customisation

  • Account set-up

  • Segmentation and Lists

  • Sales enablement features such as email templates, documents, and  meetings etc.

No minimum or maximum hours - £80 per hour

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HubSpot Training & 1-1 Support
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