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HubSpot 1-2-1 Training

Indigo Iris works with Marketing, Sales, Customer Services and HubSpot Admins on a 1-2-1 basis to take a deep dive and focus on specific HubSpot features. 

Designed around your specific needs, HubSpot 1-2-1 Training is suitable for Marketing, Sales, Customer Services whether you have HubSpot Free, Starter, Professional or Enterprise Tiers.


HubSpot 1-2-1 Training often includes the following:​​

  • Marketing Emails, including building emails, A/B testing, Smart Content and automation

  • Automation (Workflows and Sequences)

  • Event Management

  • App Integration

  • Importing data, best practise and import templates

  • Building Forms and Landing Pages

  • Deals and Pipelines, set-up and reporting

  • Using Smart Content

  • Lead and Lifecycle Management

  • Setting up Lead Scores

  • Using the ABM and Target Account Tools

  • Dashboards & Reports

  • CRM customisation

  • Call To Actions (CTAs)

  • Segmentation for workflows, reports and troubleshooting

  • Data Quality improvements

  • Sales Enablement tools such as email templates, documents and snippets

For an informal chat about 1-2-1 Training please Get in Touch.


If you're interested in training for Teams, please see the HubSpot Courses.

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