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HubSpot CRM Training 


This 2 hour Training course is for anyone wishing to learn the basics of HubSpot's  CRM including data structure, customisation of properties, saved views, side bars and best practise.


The course is £100 per person (min of 3 people) and covers:

  • Understanding HubSpot’s CRM and data structure

  • CRM best practise

  • Creating and customising properties, values, and records (database fields)

  • Customising the sidebars

  • Capturing mandatory data when manually creating a contact or company

  • Data cleansing - using lists and workflows to monitor data and deduping

CRM, Lead & Contact Management Training


Optimise HubSpot's Smart CRM to attract, engage and convert more leads in this 3 hour course.


The course is £125 per person (min of 3) and covers:

  • CRM, customisation and best practise

  • Importing data

  • Form creation

  • Inbound and the Flywheel (attract, engage, delight)

  • Personas and Ideal Customer Profiles

  • Account Based Management (ABM) and Target Accounts

  • Lifecycle Management & Lead Statuses

  • Creating a lead qualification matrix

  • Automation (Workflows and Sequences) overview

HubSpot Sales Software Training 


Optimise HubSpot's Sales Software so your team spend less time entering data and more time closing deals.


The course is £125 per person (min of 3 people) and covers:

  • Deals & Pipelines Management

  • Automation (Workflows and Sequences)

  • Account Based Management (ABM), and Target Accounts

  • Prospect list and notifications

  • Lead and Lifecycle Management

  • Mobile App

  • Logging Calls, Notes and Emails

  • Dashboards and Reports (overview)

  • Sales enablement tools including Snippets, Playbooks, Templates, and Documents

HubSpot Team Training

Bespoke HubSpot training courses for Marketing, Sales and Customer Services teams.
After a call to discuss your objectives, each training course is tailored to your needs and HubSpot account.

Training Courses

HubSpot Marketing Hub Training


This training course is designed for experienced marketeers who haven't used HubSpot but would like to learn how to make the most of HubSpot's Marketing Hub.


Due to the number of features, the 3 hour course includes an overview of some areas such as automation. Other more in-depth training sessions available.


The course is £125 per person (min of 3 people) and covers:

  • Inbound and the Flywheel

  • Personas and Ideal Customer Profiles

  • Leads Statuses and Lifecycles

  • Lead Scores (HubSpot Scores)

  • ABM overview

  • Prospect list and automation

  • Form creation 

  • Event management and event app integration overvie

  • Campaign Management and ROI

  • List creation and management

  • Social Media Account Integration

  • App and Asset Marketplace 

  • Mobile App

  • Email creation and send, A/B testing, smart content, email tracking, marketing contacts and email health

  • Workflow overview 

  • Marketing effectiveness reporting

HubSpot Service Hub Training


Learn how to make the most of Service Hub with this 2 hour training session for Customer Services.


The course is £100 per person (min of 3 people) and covers:

  • Ticket creation, Pipeline and Ticket Stages

  • Inbox and Conversations

  • Live chat

  • App integration such as Facebook Messenger and What's App

  • Knowledge Base (overview)

  • Supporting content and assets such as email templates, documents, notifications and snippets

  • Automation (Workflows and Sequences)

  • Customer Portal

  • Logging Notes, Emails and Calls 

  • Reporting

HubSpot Automation Training -Workflows and Sequences


HubSpot's Automation supports companies wishing to scale and reduce operating costs. But automation isn't just for emails, it can be used across Deals, Tickets, to sync data and improve Data Quality


HubSpot has two types of Automation - Workflows, for bulk repetitive actions and Sequences, which enable you to automate your sales processes through a series of personalised emails, LinkedIn InMail and follow-up tasks.


This 2 hour HubSpot Training course on Automation covers both workflows and sequences. 


The course is £100 per person (min of 3 people) and covers: 

  • What are Workflows and Sequences?

  • The difference between a Workflow and a Sequence

  • When to automate and the benefits

  • Using Workflows and Sequences for Sales Tasks, Communications and updating records

  • Creating a workflow, and using settings and goals

  • Testing before going live

  • Create a workflow (interactive session)

  • Troubleshooting errors

Importing data to HubSpot


Importing data into HubSpot’s is easy when you know how! So whether you're importing event data or migrating from an existing CRM, this 1.5 hour course will ensure you're importing data correctly.

Some understanding of HubSpot's CRM is useful for this course but not essential as it can be added to the course.


The course is £100 per person (min 3 people) and covers:

  • Creating an import template

  • Required fields

  • Data cleansing and preparing the import file

  • Test import

  • Importing the data

  • Correcting any errors

  • How to find the imported data to use in lists, automation and reporting

HubSpot Super User and Administrator Training


Everything your Super Users & Administrators need to know to get started in HubSpot within this 3 hour course.


The course is £125 per person (min 3 people) and covers:

  • CRM, customisation and best practise

  • Domain set-up for email, blogs and landing pages

  • GDPR options

  • Profiles and Preferences

  • Email 1-1 inboxes

  • HubSpot Business database

  • Synching Contacts and Companies 

  • Branding

  • Product Updates

  • Data health and data cleansing

  • Customising sidebars

  • Project Management

  • Customising create forms for contacts, companies, deals and tickets including required fields

  • Integrations, App and Asset Marketplace

  • Help & Support 

  • HubSpot Academy

Managing Events in HubSpot Training


Manage and report on events in Hubspot whether their online or and face to face events in this 1.5 hour course focuses on


The course is £100 per person (min 3 people) and covers:

  • Enabling and using the Marketing Events Object

  • Using the Project tool

  • Integrating Event Apps

  • Create a campaign for the event

  • Create an online registration form and Landing Page (you will need a Landing Page template)

  • Create a data capture form to use at the event such as a Trade Fair

  • Pre and post event automated comms

  • Creating a list

  • Capturing acquisition source

  • Using the Mobile App 

  • Importing data (overview)

  • Event reporting and Campaign ROI

1-2-1 Training

Individual training is also available to take a deep dive into a specific area of HubSpot. 
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