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HubSpot Health Check

Having issues with HubSpot or wondering if you're fully leveraging its features? The HubSpot Health Check is designed for all Hubs and Tiers, offering valuable insights and benefits. 

Maximise your HubSpot investment with our expert Healthcheck service and drive your business forward with confidence.

The HubSpot Health Check can benefit companies:
Looking to scale or have recently scaled
• Concerned that HubSpot no longer aligns with business objectives and processes
• Experiencing changes in team structure or personnel
• Using HubSpot for 12-18 months and questioning if you’re maximising its potential
• Encountering reporting issues
• Struggling to access, view, or utilise data
• Facing data quality concerns

The Indigo Iris HubSpot Health Check consists of 6 steps:

1. Initial Consultation


We begin with a call with key stakeholders and HubSpot Users to discuss: 

- Your business objectives

- Current processes

 - Future plans

- Team structure and skill sets

 - Any specific issues you’re facing

Depending on how many HubSpot Hubs you have and the complexity of any issues, the call will take between 1-1.5hr.

4. Report Presentation and Discussion

We present and discuss the report with you to ensure clarity and address any questions.

2. Comprehensive Account Review

A thorough examination of your HubSpot account is conducted. Depending on which Hubs and Tiers you have, the review includes:

- Dashboards & Reports

- Automation

- Data Quality

- CRM Customisation

- Technical issues 

- Deals & Pipelines

- Email Health & Tracking

- Optimisation of Marketing Sales, Service and Operations Hub

5. Action Plan and Support


We agree on the next steps, including any required technical consulting or training. For an informal chat about your HubSpot account email

3. Detailed Report and Expert Advice

We provide a comprehensive report with expert recommendations on optimising HubSpot for growth and efficiency. The report includes:

- Suggestions for utilising and optimising existing features 

- Recommendations for improvements and fixes

-  Assessment of your current Hub/Tier v your requirements

 - Effort vs. benefits graph highlighting quick wins and longer-term projects to help you plan your next steps

6. Ongoing Support


Once the plan and next steps have been agreed, if further or ongoing support is needed Indigo Iris can provide consultancy by the hour to ensure you continue to see the improvements and benefits.

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