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Guide to HubSpot Lifecycles and when to create a Deal

Updated: Mar 15

A lot of HubSpot users have queries about Lifecycle Stages, when to create a Deal and how they work alongside each other.

If you create a Deal too soon in the Buyer's Journey, it can lead to inaccurate reporting and forecasting. Deals should be created once a Contact / Company has been qualified and it's a realistic opportunity.

For example, are you ready to report on the deal? Commit to a probability of closing? Or, talk about it in a Sales meeting? If not, then it's probably too soon, but you can use Lifecycle Stages and Lead Status to manage and track the contact / company.

Marketing and Sales need to align and agree on terminology, definitions and when each Contact or Company move to the next Lifecycles or Deal Stage.

Not all Lifecycles and Lead Status options need to be used and they can be customised, as can Deal Stages. Lifecycles can also be synched across Contacts and Companies, ensuring accurate and consistent data.

Download the comprehensive infographic guide on using HubSpot Lifecycles, Lead Status, and Deal Stages.

HubSpot Lifecycle Stages and When to create a Deal

Indigo Iris Lifecycle Stages and Deal Stages
Download PDF • 157KB

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