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5 Free HubSpot Sales & Marketing templates and resources

Updated: May 3

One of things I love about HubSpot is the free sales and marketing templates and resources. The below are some of my favourites as they're informative, save you time and useful for business of all sizes.

5 Free HubSpot Sales & Marketing

You don't even need a HubSpot account to use the templates. But if you'd like to create a free account, you can use the link below:

1. Make by Persona - Buyer Personas make planning and creating content much easier. Create a buyer persona template, a walk through step by step guide that can be downloaded and shared. Once created they can help focus your content creation for each stage of the Buyer's Journey from Attract through to Engagement and Delight

2. Marketing Plan template - Step by step guide to help walk you through creating a marketing plan. Even if you've created thousands in the past, it’s still useful!

3. Fifteen Infographic editable templates - If you're not a designer but like to create infographics for your website and social channels, these editable infographics can give you a head start in creating professional looking infographics

4. A/B testing kit including Intro, Significance Calculator, and Tracking Template . A complete testing kit and introduction into A/B testing!

5. Website Grader - Grade your website and find out about improvements. Excellent if you don't have an expert on hand.

Enjoy, I hope they help!

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