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5 steps to strike a balance between user-experience and data capture

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

When capturing data there's always a balance to strike between user-experience and capturing the data you need for segmentation, automation and reporting.

Some companies ask for too much in the first engagement and others accidentally strip out crucial data. An example I know of is nearly 100k contacts without key data to use in communications and forecasting.

#HubSpot has functionality to help achieve this balance and these are my top 5 steps:

1. Identify the essential data. Determine the information that is required at each stage of the customer journey to ensure accurate segmentation, automation, and reporting. Identify which data is critical and which can wait.

2. When creating a new Contact, Company, Deal or Ticket, customise the Create new forms in HubSpot and tick the required box for key data and move the important ones to the top. Remove anything you don't need.

3. If you have a #HubSpot Marketing Professional account, use Smartforms to customise website forms based on lifecycle, country, language, and lists. This ensures that users only see the fields that are relevant to them, reducing friction and improving the user experience

4. Use Progressive fields to swap out previously captured questions for different ones. This enables you to collect the necessary data over time, without overwhelming users during the initial data capture and build up information about the Buyer and Persona

5. Keep an eye on any data gaps by creating an Active list to view contacts and add filter for important properties that are ‘unknown’ i.e. they're missing. Change the columns and add in all the Source information which will show you where the data is coming from and investigate if any changes to forms, imports and processes are needed.

p.s. I couldn't find a non-cheesy image about balance so settled for my Berner balancing on a bench

Bernese Mountain dog on bench
Kodi balancing on a bench

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