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HubSpot Consultancy & Training

Indigo Iris is a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner providing HubSpot Consultancy and HubSpot Training for Marketing, Sales & Customer Services. 

Certified in Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, Inbound and RevOps, Indigo Iris supports clients from Start-ups to Enterprise through training, troubleshooting and making the most of HubSpot's features.

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HubSpot Consultancy
Whether you are new to HubSpot or have been using it for some time, Indigo Iris can help you maximise its potential and improve your sales, marketing and customer support operations through:

  • HubSpot Best Practice Healthchecks

  • HubSpot Troubleshooting

  • HubSpot Implementation & Onboarding

  • Making the most of HubSpot features

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub implementation and optimisation for digital marketing, events and RevOps

  • HubSpot Service Hub implementation and optimisation for Customer Services teams

  • HubSpot Sales Hub implementation and optimisation for Sales and RevOps teams

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HubSpot Training 


HubSpot Team Training

Customised for Marketing, Sales and Customer Services teams:

  • Initial call to discuss objectives

  • Live session supported with step-by-step slides personalised to your objectives and HubSpot Account

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HubSpot 1-2-1 Training

Working with Marketing, Sales and Customer Services to take a deep dive and focus on a specific HubSpot features.

  • Digital Marketing including Automation, Marketing Emails, Forms creation, Lists, Imports, Events, Marketing Effectiveness reporting

  • CRM Customisation and Account set-up

  • Optimising HubSpot functionality

  • Sales tools such as Automation, Connecting inboxes, using the Meetings tools, Documents, Deals & Pipelines, Reporting and 1-1 email templates

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