Marketing Automation & CRM for Student Recruitment

Consultancy and Administration for Universities, Colleges and Schools

Implementations, Administration and Set-up

Implementations and support for systems such as Akero by Net Natives, HubSpot, Radius by Campus Management,  Data Harvesting Student CRM or your chosen system

Indigo Iris works with your school, college or university to understand your business objectives and implement  your chosen CRM and or Marketing Automation system. Implementation can include CRM Program Direction, training, documentation.  Implementations can be designed around your needs and include building Forms, Landing Pages, Workflows, Custom Properties and Values (database fields), Events and integrations, Email and SMS campaigns, Dashboards and Reporting, List creation and management, Migrating and Importing data, Supporting documentation, Deals and pipelines and Data Architecture

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Planning and Strategy

CRM and Marketing Automation for Higher Education, Further Education and Schools. Segmented communication plans and integrated, multi-channel student journey planning to attract, engage and convert leads to applications and applicants to students.

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Choosing a CRM or Marketing Automation platform for Student Recruitment

Choosing a CRM for Further and Higher Education to support your student recruitment and marketing can be one of your biggest challenges if you’re responsible for Marketing and Recruitment at a University or College. The answer to which system is right for you lies in understanding which one will best support your business objectives. Indigo Iris can support the procurement process to help align your business objectives and technical solutions.

Indigo Iris has also built a set of CRM and Marketing Automation requirements specifically for student recruitment. For further information please see CRM Discovery Survey for Education

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The benefits of Marketing Automation in Student Recruitment

Marketing Automation can benefit your Higher Education, Further Education and Schools in many ways from time savings, segmenting communications or informing decision making. 

For more information read the Top 5 benefits

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