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5 Benefits to Automating your Student Recruitment Marketing

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Marketing Automation is software that can automate repetitive tasks such as sending emails freeing up time to focus on other tasks that require more creativity or personal involvement.

Not everything needs to be automated. With any Marketing Automation or CRM programme you can to decide which parts of the journey can be automated and which need a more personal approach. For example, automating a thank-you email, followed by a series of emails about your University, College or School after an Open Day booking might be automated. But an admissions enquiry about the admissions process will require a more personalised approach. The aim is knowing when to automate and when to personalise which will different for all organisations.

One university (who I won't name) implemented a very sophisticated CRM system, so I completed a form and waited to see what happened. Unfortunately, the university used every tool and channel the system had, virtually on a daily basis - I felt bombarded and they quite frankly seemed desperate. The lesson? Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should! CRM and Marketing Automation is there to support your student recruitment marketing, not drive it.

What are 5 benefits to using Marketing Automation in Student Recruitment Marketing?

1. Segmentation - Campaigns can be automated and segmented by captured data such as country, course, language, school section or degree type. Communications will be more relevant to their interest and can be built on as time goes by. Dynamic email templates will enable you to drop-in relevant content without building more emails

2. More effective use of time - By replacing some manual repetitive work with automated rules and campaigns, marketing has more time to create content, set-up new campaigns or analyse campaign effectiveness. Content can be easily stored, found and quickly repurposed. Recruitment can focus on the best opportunities such as calling leads who are more likely to apply or enrol. Many Marketing Automation platforms come with lead scoring and pipeline reports further enabling the team to target their efforts.

3. Improved decision-making through Insight and Analysis - Through understanding which channels are generating the best prospects and leads, marketing spend and effort can be focused accordingly. By knowing which activity contributes to enrolment we can build workflows to optimise that journey, lead prospects through to enrolment and provide early warning indicators via reporting. Integrating a Student Record System will provide further insight as the full student journey through to enrolment can be analysed.

4. Integrated multi-channel campaigns - A successful inbound marketing campaign requires a range of assets such as forms, content, calls-to-action, SEO, Social Media, and landing pages, but it’s the automated, integrated workflows that tie all these together. Many Marketing Automation platforms bring all these elements together

5. Manage leads, applicants and agents in the same system - many universities and education institutions manage leads, applicants and B2B contacts in different systems. Most Marketing Automation tools, have options to store company and employee information which can be customised, meaning agents can be added and receive communications.

Marketing Automation benefits
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