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CRM & Marketing Automation Consultancy and Administration for Small Businesses, Education, Loyalty Programmes, Public Sector, Charities and Not-For-Profit

Loyalty Programmes

Indigo Iris can provide CRM consultancy to retain and communicate with your most valuable customers. Previous experience includes working with Airline and Car Hire loyalty programs

Not-For-Profit, Charities and Public Sector

Previous experience includes working with Charities, Sports governing bodies and British Army Recruiting. Indigo Iris can provide CRM Consultancy to help you to raise awareness, recruit new people or generate membership leads

Indigo Iris CRM and Marketing Automation for Public Sector, Charities and Not-For-Profit

Small Businesses

If you're a small business, Indigo Iris will work with you to understand your objectives and provide a few days' of consultancy for your CRM program, help to you to choose the right system for you.


Certified by HubSpot, Indigo Iris can also help implement, set-up and provide on-going administration for HubSpot.

For helpful information on choosing the right system for you, please see the blog


Indigo Iris has a wealth of experience working with Student Recruitment CRM and Marketing Automation in the UK, US and International markets.

Whether it's for Higher Education, Further Education, Schools or Colleges, Indigo Iris can provide CRM Consultancy, support you in implementing and automating your Student Recruitment Marketing or choose which system is right for you. 

Systems include HubSpot (certified), Akero by Net Natives, Radius & Connect by Campus Management (Hobsons) and Data Harvesting by Student CRM

Indigo Iris CRM Consultancy & Marketing Automation for Student Recruitment Marketing
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