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CRM Discovery Survey for Student Recruitment

Which CRM or Marketing Automation system is right for your Student Recruitment?

Choosing a CRM for Further and Higher Education to support your student recruitment and marketing can be one of your biggest challenges if you’re responsible for Marketing and Recruitment at a University or College. The answer to which system is right for you lies in understanding which one will best support your business objectives.

Indigo Iris’ Education CRM Discovery Survey has over 200 requirements pre-built around student recruitment and marketing objectives. The 6 categories include:

  • Event Management

  • Enquiries and Contact Management

  • Insight & Reporting

  • Lead Capture and Management

  • Marketing and Communications

  • Supplier and Integrations

How does it work?

Stakeholders and users are emailed a link to the questions and they prioritise how important that feature and functionality is to them. The results are emailed to you which can be used to discuss requirements in more detail or go straight to shortlisting potential platforms.

Why use the CRM Discovery survey for your University, College or School?

  • Avoid common pitfalls and missed opportunities by asking the right questions

  • Speed up your implementation as you're not starting from scratch with your requirements

  • Stakeholders can give their opinion at a time that suits them, no need to spend weeks planning workshops

  • Accurate representation of priorities across stakeholders and end users

  • Collaboration and adoption from engaged users 

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