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Identifying Buyer Roles in HubSpot

Updated: Mar 11

Did you know that whether you have a full ABM strategy or just focusing on Target Accounts and Buying Roles, there's a lot you can do in HubSpot even with the Free or Starter Tiers?

💡 Lists can help you to:

  • Identify companies that lack a Decision Maker and create a task to identify them

  • Engage Decision Makers and Budget Holders through personalised content, event invitations, and targeted LinkedIn audiences

  • Allocate additional efforts and prioritise tasks for Blockers

Creating a Saved Views in Contacts and Companies will help to:

  • Gain a quick overview of key information for Decision Makers, Blockers, and Budget Holders

  • Share the Saved Views across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service teams to support collaboration and alignment.

Here's how.....

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